Senator John F. Kennedy arrives at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Theres no sign of those crazy fangirls, right?”

Crazy fan girls aka kennedy fandom.

Let’s be honest: he would totally love us.


"The night before baby Patrick passed away, Jack sat alone in his hotel room, staring off into space. I know he was lost in the fact that he thought Patrick wouldn’t survive and that his faith seemed to be failing him, but also that he wouldn’t know what to do—how to tell Jackie if it were to happen. He took out a notepad and slowly, but surely, he wrote out a letter to a Boston family whose son had just been killed in the line of fire. He then wrote them a personal check—that was the kind of man my brother was. In the midst of his trials and tribulations, he was thinking of others." —Bobby Kennedy
"He was given a room in the hospital to stay in, but he never slept, he just roamed the halls. He would meet children who were Caroline and John’s age and you could tell it hurt him. He would watch these children for hours when he wasn’t with Jackie, waiting for news on Patrick. I was with him when the nurse told us he was gone, and Jack was holding Patrick’s tiny hand. At first, I thought he hadn’t heard her, because he just kept urging the baby to fight, urging him to live, to breathe not for him anymore but for Jackie. But then the tears came to his eyes and he dismissed me, he didn’t want anyone to see him that way. He just cried and cried and cried." —Dave Powers
"The funeral was held on August 10th in my private chapel. He sat alone in the front pew, not speaking a word to anyone, I think maybe it was too much. Afterward, when it was just the two of us alone in the chapel, he began to sob and put his arm around the tiny coffin. I told him he should get going, that he needed to go bury his son, that death isn’t the end, but the beginning. He wouldn’t take his hand off the coffin. I was afraid he’d carry it right out with him. He then placed the St. Christopher’s medal that Jacqueline had given to him on their wedding day into Patrick’s coffin… After we’d buried his son, he cried again, not wanting to leave his side. ‘It’s awful lonely here.’ He said to us all. ‘He’ll be all alone.’ He said." —Cardinal Cushing

"After Jack died, it was the first time we’d told Jackie about Jack’s breakdown at Patrick’s funeral, about how he didn’t want to leave Patrick alone because Brookline was so far, it was too far from them. Jackie just nodded as she listened to Dave and I speak, and then said, ‘I’ll bring them together now. I’ll bring Patrick and Arabella to their father.’ I believe in my heart that it brought her some sort of comfort, knowing that she could bring comfort to Jack whether he was there or not." —Kenny O’Donnell

literally crying so hard

silver statue?

love this picture so much…it’s so theatrical…so artistic…

Joansie <3



We just can’t help loving you, Jack

I just spent an hour going through all your posts and found myself crying but smiling too! How about this, How do you imagine them reuniting??? ♥


Aww :’) *hugs* you’re so sweet!

Ohh, great question! I have so many envisionings of *The Reunion*, and I think this set of illustrations by the ever-talented Marcela, aka Tsuki-Yue over on Deviantart, is a particularly beautiful rendition:

Jackie wakes up, not a day older than she was on 11/22/63…….

She starts to walk……

She sees Jack……..

Reunited <3 :’)

All credit to the incredibly gifted Marcela on Deviantart :’) 

omg thank u very much for such sweet words >////////////< i’ve been so disapointed of my “hability” but u made me feel happy to have it, thank you very much, i’ve been kind of dismissing it this past few months…but idk, u made me kinda want it back, maybe jeje




if there’s anyone who doesn’t reblog this gif every time you see it then who are you &amp; what are you doing here ↗

So my dad will leave the house and he wanna get the divorce from mom…that was just a matter of time and im perfectly fine with that, the problem is that now the money will be so little for all of us, (i’ve been there before) because my dad have to pay his bills in his new house and ours too and i can’t get a freaking job, other than being a waitress in a bar all night long…a damn bar full of drunk jerks, and my mom refusses to try to get a job to help us…im so stressed right now, i’ve been taking my resume everywhere and i cant even get a damn job in a supermarket…i just dont know what to do anymore, besides, now we have to live with the constant fear of knowing that if my granmother (dad`s mother, the owner of this apartment) knows about the divorce and that my dad is leaving, she will try to kick ass out of here, cuz she doen’s get that the danm marriage between mom and dad didn’t worked and besides even my mom wont accept that they arent together anymore and that my dad has all the right to do what he wants with his damn life and that he’s going to leave no matter what…i just don’t know what to do anymore…i just…i wont ruin your valentine’s day (even if that doesn’t exist here) but i just needed to talk about this with somebody and i dont have anybody else than my sis and she knows everything, and she’s always there for me, but im supossed to protect her and try to make her life better than mine was but i just can’t, i dont know how…im so stressed right now…i cant even think clearly…

I know i just come here to complain and talk about my stupid life and my stupid problems, but i just dont have no one else to talk about this crap and even if i know that wouldnt change things, i just need to get it out…

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