"I’m looking pleasant about life but it will be a long time before I get reconciled inside about this whole thing. Little things happen every day that make me think "what would Billy have thought of that". Mrs. Mead wrote that one must think of what one has had and has still got and not of what one hasn’t got. I think she’s got the idea but it will take time for it really to sink in. I know that there were a lot of difficulties in front of me if Billy had lived but somehow, now none of those things seem to matter. It just seems that the pattern of life for me has been destroyed. At the moment I don’t fit into any design. When I’m with people I like and know well, it’s alright for a while and then I just start thinking and it’s no good. I’m much better down here just with the family, and I can’t face going out in London with a crowd which everyone thinks would cheer me up."
- Kick writing to her brother, Jack

"But Caroline was the focus of the service’s most wrenching moment. Ted came close to breaking down when he reached the part in his eulogy that celebrated the closeness between her and John, the brother who, even as a grownup, would reach out naturally to grab his sister’s hand. ‘He especially cherished his sister Caroline,’ Ted said in his eulogy, his voice trembling, ‘celebrated her brilliance and took strength and joy from their lifelong mutual-admiration society.’ Caroline stood up to hug her uncle as he descended from the pulpit."

Remembering America’s Prince: JFK Jr on the cover of the Italian Vanity Fair
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