Senator Kennedy

I was so well until a read that freaking article from Vanity Fair…



"On many winter nights he arose before dawn and drove, too fast, in his Ford Galaxie convertible with the top down, sometimes to see his brother’s grave."
This is also from the book Robert Kennedy: His Life, by Evan Thomas

The Winter of Her Despair 
A symbol of strength for a traumatized nation in the winter of 1963–64, Jacqueline Kennedy was in fact falling apart—grieving and endlessly reliving her husband’s assassination, afflicted with what we’d now call post-traumatic stress disorder. Barbara Leaming, adapting her new biography, uncovers what was known to few outside the former First Lady’s inner circle: the nightmares, the drinking, the suicidal thoughts, but also the unexpected gesture that helped save her sanity.
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"Our brave young men are dying in the swamps of Southeast Asia. Which of them might have written a poem? Which of them might have cured cancer? Which of them might have played in a World Series or given us the gift of laughter from the stage or helped build a bridge or a university? Which of them would have taught a child to read? It is our responsibility to let these men live….It is indecent if they die because of the empty vanity of their country."
-Robert Francis Kennedy

The pause

under the rain…
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Love everything about this… the boyish smile, the table pause, the books of a workaholic.

☜ This person loves the Kennedy’s

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they are seriously the most beautiful people
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